Our Culture

Our Oakland CA personal training facility is built around intentionally cultivating a culture of self-actualization. We accept everyone at whatever level of conditioning they present with. Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to join us!

Our Specialties

  • Corrective exercise
  • Restorative fitness
  • Functional mobility

Personalized Training Programs

All of our training is done in a semi-private environment. You will train exclusively in a small group or individualized personal training session. You’ll have a guide who is aware of your personal fitness progress. Our programs were all developed along a consistent martial arts philosophy.

No Showoffs!

There are no attitudes, showoffs, or intimidating personalities in our sessions. We are all here for the right reasons – to support you in improving your quality of life through fitness.

What People Say About KES Fitness

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Personal Training
Strength, Conditioning, & Mobility
Pain Management
Workplace Wellness Programs
Self Defense
Muay Thai Martial Arts
Women’s Self Defense

Our Trainers

Certified Personal Trainers

Our trainers are all certified personal trainers.

Postural Therapists

Our trainers are postural therapists as well as personal trainers. With that special expertise, they can assess your fitness to determine what combination of passive or active stretches and strengthening exercises are necessary to bring balance to your body.

Fascial Training

Our trainers have experience in a discipline or methodology of fascial training, such as

  • martial artists
  • dancers
  • gymnasts
  • strength & conditioning trainers
  • yoga teachers

What is Fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue throughout our bodies that supports us during movement. This interwoven system of fibers supports and protects our muscle groups, organs, and the entire body. The vitality of your fascia affects every other system of the body, and is key to good health.

More About the Fascia

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