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Kewesi Simon
KES Fitness Founder & Managing Director

Kewesi Simon, our team leader at KES Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer

NPTI certified personal trainerKewesi is a National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) certified personal trainer and our team leader. His clients include Oakland police officers, military and paramilitary specialists, executive protection specialists in Close Quarter Combat Tactics, as well as attorneys, doctors, and many other working professionals. Before establishing KES Fitness, Kewesi worked for major fitness organizations such as Gold’s Gym and The Bladium in Oakland, CA.

Certified Tui Na Medical Massage Therapist, License #82911

Academy of Chinese Culture & Health SciencesKewesi is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Tui Na form of medical massage, licensed by the California Massage Therapy Council. He trained at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, CA.

Tui Na is a fully clothed medical massage modality that works for pain management, to restore mobility in joints, and return the body to alignment and harmony.

Other Skills

Muay Thai AcademyKewesi was an instructor at the Muay Thai Academy, the oldest Muay Thai gym in North America. He trained under the founder, Kru Suan Nirmalya Bhowmick. Kewesi was educated with the same spirit of Combat Martial Sciences and tactical training that Dr. Nirmalya Bhowmick practiced as a former clandestine Senior Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Operator and the founder of the Henley Putnam University School of Strategic Security, the Akribis Group and the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS).

He trained under Daniel Sabranto of Super Hero Systems for 10 years learning techniques of bare knuckle boxing and power punching. This led him to train with John Grisham of Power Line Systems and creator of The Super Power Punch / The Straight Power Punch. Rounding off his martial arts dossier, Kewesi also trained Serrada Escrima (Stick Fighting) with The Stick Man, Jeff Finder, at Stickman® Escrima as well as studying Brazilian Ju-Jitsu with various professionals in the industry.

Hammer Stryke Self Reliance Training

Kewesi is a certified pistol and firearm home defense instructor. He trained with and continues his education under Dave and John Givens of Hammerstryke Self-Reliance Training. KES Fitness and Hammer Styke frequently do joint women’s survival self defense workshops.

As a bar bouncer in Oakland, one of the country’s most dangerous cities, Kewesi developed a keen intuition about people. Over 15 years in that role, taking responsibility for the bar’s safety, he learned how to anticipate and deescalate dangerous situations, leaving the offenders’ egos intact. You can see his series of videos Sucker Punch Oakland to hear the insights of Kewesi and fellow bouncers as they talk about their experiences, the patience, intuition, and integrity required for that profession. These are qualities we instill in all of our team members.

Oakland Raiders personal trainerKewesi Simon interned with the Oakland Raiders under strength and conditioning Coach Brad Roll, who is currently in the NFL Hall of Fame for his work training professional football players.

Kewesi has been active in the Oakland business networking community and in leadership roles. He is currently building a team of service providers in related health care fields who share his values and who can help his clients with specialized care when needed.

Martin (Marty) Susskind

Marty Susskind personal trainer on our team at KES

Certified Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Z-Health Performance Coach

Marty is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES), and a Z-Health Performance Coach. Marty joined our team at KES Fitness in 2019.

National Academy of Sports Medicine    Z-Health Performance Coach

I was a bit of an anomaly child growing up, a rare blend of equal parts nerd and jock. Throughout my education and early professional career it was a safe bet that you could find me in one of two places, on the field or in the lab. It was my love of exercise and movement-expression that eventually led me to leave biochemistry lab work behind and pursue exercise-physiology and coaching. I found my calling when I finally combined my passions for science and sports. I am a former NCAA soccer player, a runner, a cyclist, a yogi, an enthusiastic cook, and a weight lifter.

I’m also a feminist and an LGBTQI ally, facts I stress here because they are central to my coaching mission. I have such a diverse clientele because it is my goal to empower everyone to be their strongest self, especially those who have felt less than comfortable in the historically toxic-masculine culture of gyms. Both the powerlifting platform and the yoga studio belong to you regardless of your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body type, or any other identifier. We all deserve to practice and cultivate every kind of strength!

If you want to train with me I have only one condition… you need to want to be strong! Don’t come to me looking for a get thin or get sculpted quick routine. All of the aesthetic/body composition goals come with strength, nutrition IQ, and body awareness, not the other way around. I truly am a “personal” trainer offering individualized training programs for all of my athletes (we are ALL athletes) and different motivations so as to get the most out of everyone. No one is more invested in their clients than me, just watch me train, just ask any of the amazing athletes I coach!

Marty Susskind personal trainer KES Fitness

Ace Morgan

Ace Morgan personal trainer on our team at KES

NPTI Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Ace is a  National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) certified Master Personal Trainer. Ace joined our team at KES Fitness in 2019.

I have been in the gym since 1983, age 13. My uncle was a trainer and took me under his wing. The gym has always been my comfort zone, my church.

Ace Morgan Fitness began in 2005 when I was about to become a new parent. I was stopping my first career as a photographer. I wanted to continue to spend my life building community, helping people move better and feel great. I always felt better after I worked out I wanted to share this with others, remind people that we are supposed to move better and feel great! — it was and still is my mental health. I thought what a great way to make an honest buck, helping people live longer lives. I also wanted to create a life for myself—a healthy future as a new parent. I was thinking about being a role model for my daughter, thinking about the future like never before, and creating a place for others to have a healthier future as well.

I’ve aimed to create a place that’s not full of ego and attitude. Working with the body can bring vulnerability, so it’s important to me to create a safe place. This is how a person begins to get stronger on every level.

In my 14 years as a personal trainer I have continually studied new developments in fitness and kept a healthy skepticism towards diet and fitness fads. I add to my learning every single day, and my work with hundreds of clients has given me a wealth of knowledge about what does and doesn’t work when you’re building new habits for fitness.

I also specialize in working with the particular goals and concerns of the non-binary LGBTQ community around fitness and having a healthy relationship to your body.

I thrive on building self esteem and confidence for all of us through increased strength, flexibility and mobility. Work with me and we’ll take this journey together.

Ace Morgan personal trainer working out

Join Our Team!

KES Fitness is currently recruiting personal trainers and self defense instructors who share our values to join our team.

If you are interested in applying, please see our recruitment post for requirements and contact Kewesi Simon.