A Great Personal Training Coach Changes Everything

Ever wonder why some people seem to be effortlessly good athletes?

All great athletes have great coaches
– even teams of people –
who help propel them to greatness.

Muhammad Ali

1964 Heavyweight Champion of the World, had coach Angelo Dundee.

Muhammed Ali with personal training coach Angelo Dundee

Nadia Comaneci & Simone Biles

These 1976 and 2016 Olympic Gold Medalists both had coaches Marta and Bela Karolyi.

Nadia Comaneci & Simone Biles with personal training coaches Karolyi

Florence Griffith Joyner

1988 Track and Field Olympics Gold Medalist, had her husband Al Joyner as her coach when she set a world record.

Florence Griffith Joyner with personal training coach Al Joyner

Tiger Woods

Child prodigy in golf and one of the most successful golfers of all time had his father Earl Woods as his first coach until age 17.

Tiger Woods with personal training coach Earl Woods

How Coaching Works

Have you ever had someone who was completely in your corner, who treated you like you were the star athlete? At KES our philosophy is all about bettering your life experience. Our personal training program is designed to guide you through levels of conditioning to fitness. Everyone on our team is committed to you.

  • We explain exactly why you should perform an exercise in a certain way.
  • We take time to get to know you and your body before we begin training you.
  • We are your teammate, coach, and cheerleader, helping you reach your goals safely and efficiently.
  • We are compassionate and understanding

Your Success Is Our Success

sign upA coach succeeds through you. A personal training coach is nothing without the athlete, and the athlete by their own admittance often would not have achieved the level of success they did without their coach. You hear this from champions as they take the podium, thanking the coach first, usually after god, and then their parents, teammates, friends, and partners.

It’s not just working hard that gets results. It’s having a coach with the right experience to teach you, observe your form, guide you, cheer you on, and celebrate your wins.