Tui Na Massage Therapy for Pain

We practice Tui Na, a fully clothed Traditional Chinese Medicine form of medical massage that is focused on returning joints to their normal range of motion and reducing the pain that results from dysfunctional joints.


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Tui Na massage therapy room

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massage technique, also called medical qi-gong massage. Tui Na is thought to be the oldest system of bodywork practiced today. This therapy accomplishes the same results as acupuncture, but without needles. The tools of Tui Na consist of hand techniques, acupressure, range of motion stretches, gua sha, and cupping.

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Fully Clothed Massage

We practice Tui Na traditionally, on fully clothed clients. When you visit KES Fitness for a massage therapy appointment, please wear loose, comfortable clothing to ensure we can move your joints through their full range of motion. Your therapist will move you into yoga-like stretches as they work on various pressure points.

Tui Na Massage Style

There are as many styles of Tui Na as there are practitioners. The style practiced at KES Fitness is called “wind and water” Tui Na.

Wind and water is a soft style that uses gentle acupressure, various hand techniques, and range of motion movements. These techniques relax the nervous system and calm the breath to allow muscles, tendons, and joints to reset to their natural tension-free state.

Purpose of Tui Na

There are many different types of massage that address releasing lymphatic drainage, improving circulation, and managing pain. But the unique goal of Tui Na, and what classifies it as medical massage, is that it is aimed specifically at alleviating or relieving a specific ailment and its symptoms. Tui Na does this while working to balance the body and achieving lasting health and vitality. Each treatment is specifically tailored to each individual patient based on the specifics of their particular situation.

Benefits of Tui Na

Trauma Therapy

Tui Na is sometimes called trauma therapy, because it breaks down scar tissue and adhesions. This relaxes muscles and tendons and opens circulation for the blood and Qi energy to speed up the healing process.

Restore Flexibility

Using Tui Na to restore structural balance throughout the body allows us to both prevent and rehabilitate dysfunction, to keep your body flexible and pain-free.

Realign for Range of Motion

Unlike Western massage systems, Tui Na has the ability to effectively treat range of motion and bone alignment conditions. And unlike chiropractic, Tui Na treats the muscular tension surrounding joints and bony structures to avoid the rebound effect chiropractic patients often experience.

Release Chronic Pain

Connective tissues called fascia surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs of the body. Restriction in the fascia caused by trauma, posture, repetitive use, or inflammation can put a great deal of pressure on nerves and muscles, causing chronic pain. With Tui Na myofascial release treatment, we can increase circulation and release tension in the fascia to balance tissue and muscle mechanics for pain management.

Treats the Whole Body

Every treatment can be considered a “whole body” treatment, even when one trouble area is the focus of the session.  This means that problems with the emotions, digestion, and general energy levels can be treated, as well as chronic areas of pain and tension that you might normally see a massage therapist for.

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