Level 2: Strength, Conditioning & Mobility Training

Our focus on lifting in Strength, Conditioning & Mobility classes is not on competition, but on giving you the skills and knowledge to lift safely and to understand your body so you can have a lifetime of activity with health and vitality.


Small group classes


Completed Level I Individual Personal Training

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Group Class Environment

Our small group classes at the Oakland Brick House allow individuals to work out in an educated supportive environment. We maintain a serious, respectful culture, where the aim is self-growth — one that allows individuals to grow and discover their potential in a non-competitive environment. Our focus is on form, technique, and the only competition is with oneself. We will teach you how to create an intuitive connection with your body, so you can work out safely, know your limits, and move more effortlessly through the things you love to do in your life.

Connect with Your Body

The KES Fitness Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility Program is designed from the viewpoint of a Muay Thai martial artist, to make you more aware of what your body is doing. Our classes will help you maintain functional symmetry, while maintaining and increasing general physical conditioning for a balanced, aligned and conditioned body that is equally strong and flexible.

You will improve your overall general physical conditioning by improving your intuitive connection with your body’s internal structure and the mechanisms of movement:

  • core strength
  • balance
  • bodyweight strength
  • endurance
  • strength
  • speed
  • flexibility
  • coordination
  • agility

Fitness for Life

We coach clients so they can maintain their overall fitness for life. By teaching the proper technique, biomechanics, breath control, mindset, and physiology of the body, we’re enabling our clients to efficiently get the most out of their time and their bodies.

Using the Body’s Natural Response

Our bodies have a pretty miraculous way of adapting to and protecting us from what we are exposing it to and what we do in our lives every day. It reacts to stressors like weight lifting by reinforcing the body to be able to withstand those stressors better next time.

We can direct that adaptability to build up your body’s strength and condition it so that you can have more energy and comfortably do the things you love to do without injuring yourself.

When you put a weight load on the body repeatedly, it responds by building more muscle and thickening the bones so it can support that load better next time. While you’re building muscle mass, you’re also decreasing fat, building up bone and joint strength, lowering cholesterols, and improving your overall health.

Build Endurance and Longevity

Conditioning is like strength training for the heart. While you are working out, your heart is pumping harder and faster to meet your body’s demands to supply energy through the blood. This builds up the heart muscle, too — keeping your whole circulatory system open and flexible. Conditioning reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke, lowers cholesterol and plaque buildup in the vessels, and reduces the risk of heart attack.