Survival Self Defense

  • Have you ever felt physically vulnerable, insecure about keeping yourself safe?

  • Do you want to feel more confident about your ability to respond in a violent confrontation?

  • Would you like to have the skills to incapacitate a larger, stronger opponent?

survival self defense training for men

Cultivating a Warrior Mindset

As a Martial Arts school we are dedicated to education, training, and development of the skills necessary for self-protection, self-defense, self-reliance and cultivating a warrior mind set.

What Is a Warrior Mindset?

  • Becoming unflinching
  • Heightening your awareness of danger
  • Learning to assess danger and threat so that fights may be avoided and handled without physical technique if possible
  • If not possible, end the conflict in the quickest, most efficient way

Training Cultivates Awareness

Tactical awareness is the key to avoidance, and a fight avoided is a fight won!

Women’s Self Defense

It is our goal to arm women with real world skills to defeat large strong men in the quickest time possible.

Through our workshops, we encourage women to take ownership for their personal defense, dedicate themselves to training, and become lifelong students of martial arts.

Learn more about our Women’s Self Defense program.

women's survival self defense training

Personal Protection: Muay Thai Martial Arts

We practice old style Muay Thai, Lerdrit — the most efficient fighting style. Muay Thai is often called the art of 8 limbs. Through this system you will learn to be a surgeon with your natural weapons.

It doesn’t take years of training to develop enough force in your strikes to incapacitate a larger stronger opponent. Lerdrit, unlike “ring style Muay Thai”, trains ground fighting rather than submissions, which take quite a bit more time to and energy to implement than a strike from one’s natural weapons. In a fight, time is never on our side.

More about Muay Thai Martial Arts training…

Training in Multiple Martial Arts

Ultimately as a student of the martial arts you should commit yourself to training in multiple arts. Grappling art, throwing art, one striking, one weapon art, as well as firearm training. If you are prepared, have the knowledge, ability, and skill to defend yourself against whatever challenges arise, these weapons can’t be used against you.

Maxims of Self Defense

  • You are responsible for learning how to defend yourself as you progress through the art form.
  • No workshop or one-day seminar will give you the skills to defend yourself.
  • But once you are introduced to self-defense concepts, you can train, learn to master your fear, and develop the skills to defend yourself and others. Size and strength matter.
  • If you don’t train with strong men 200 lbs. +, you’ll never be able to defend yourself against a man that size.