Women’s Survival Workshops

  • Are you, your daughters and sisters prepared and ready to resist abduction, escape confinement or restraints, escape capture, and then evade recapture?

We periodically hold Women’s Survival Workshops, where you will learn how to cope with these kinds of threat situations.

womens survival self defense


Indoor/outdoor day-long workshop


Ladies 10 years old and up

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The basis for our Women’s Survival Workshop is old style Muay Thai. The Thais are traditionally small in stature, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing one of the most devastating martial arts.

Tactics You Will Learn

  • Get the maximum amount of power output from all of your strikes with the least amount of energy expended.
  • Use the lower body, where women carry most of their strength, to deliver powerful knees, punches and elbows.
  • Use your natural weapons to develop devastating force, enough to incapacitate a grown man.

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