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KES Stretch & Mobility

KES Core, Calisthenics, & Cardio

Level 1: Personal Training

Begin with a free one-to-one consultation designed to assess your fitness level. With that information we can begin to guide you through a methodical fitness program to improve your health and avoid injury during your workouts.


Individual personal training sessions


Free fitness consultation

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Build Stamina and Confidence

We are here to help you feel more comfortable in your body with personal training for health and vitality. Become more coordinated, with better agility, strength, and coordination, so that you can move more easily through life and enjoy the things you love to do with confidence.

Learn More About Your Body

You’ll gain a sense of appreciation for your health and wellness and pride in your form technique and body knowledge.

Our Fitness System

Our personal training programs are individually tailored to meet your needs. From athletes to the extremely de-conditioned. KES programs include full evaluations, mapping exactly what is necessary for you to achieve your goals in the safest most efficient means possible.

Would you drive your car hundreds of miles while it’s out of alignment? That could be dangerous as well as damaging to the car. In the same way, we can’t expect our bodies to perform intense or even lighter workouts without first assuring that force is being distributed evenly through the joints in your body’s kinetic chain.

1. Consultation

Your free consultation before starting physical training.

2. Assessment

Our initial program begins with an assessment. We spend several sessions to get a clear understanding of each individual client’s body and specific needs, to learn about previous injuries and how their lifestyle affects their individual alignment.

3. Education

We work individually with our clients to educate them about how to bring alignment and balance to their posture. With better awareness, you can adjust your stances during your day-to-day activity that will help your body stay in proper alignment.

4. Strengthening and Stretching

We use a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises to bring balance to the kinetic chain. Training programs are individually tailored to meet each person’s specific postural need.

Core Strength, Cross-Sectional Strength, Weight Training

Once you’ve had a foundational level assessment and mastered the alignment and symmetry exercises, you can move into General Physical Conditioning. Here, we prepare the body to develop a base level of coordination, awareness, strength that can be transferred into any sport or recreational activities you may do.

Our goal with General Physical Conditioning is to coach clients so they can perform a wide range of exercises with a high quality of form and technique, while recovering quickly. It’s all about helping you build a strong and flexible, symmetrical, balanced, and conditioned body.

Progressive Training

Our training is progressive: we work help you master all of the basic lifts before moving forward with into more compound lifts. Once the bodyweight exercises are mastered compound exercises, multipoint motions become easier.

Having A Great Coach Changes Everything

Here’s Why You Need a Personal Training Coach

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