Our Fitness Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the concept of self-reliance through body consciousness, mental discipline, and physical fitness.

Our unique fitness program, which embodies this philosophy, grew out of a martial artist’s journey.

As a martial artist, I accept that the mind, the body, and the spirit or will are indivisible. The mind must be strengthened and discipline achieved for one to achieve physical results.
—Kewesi Simon

Core Principles

Our philosophy: train the breath

Train the Breath

To improve mental focus and discipline, and awareness while cultivating and intuitive connection with the body, nothing is more important than aligning the action with the breath. Most people, though they breathe daily, do not breathe efficiently or consciously. Nor are they aware of how their breathing correlates to ability to focus or to their mental/emotional state of mind.

Our philosphy: Train the mind

Train the Mind

In the broadest sense, mental toughness can be defined as the ability to maintain the focus and determination to complete a course of action despite difficulty or consequences—to never quit, period.

Our philosophy: Align the body

Align the Body

The body in motion is in a state of constant rebalancing. To bring the body into balance, we focus on alignment, posture, symmetry, and stance. In martial arts your posture while fighting is called your fighting stance, and the objective is freedom of movement and balance. If your stance is good and your alignment while fighting is good, you can maximize the force output and make it challenging for anyone to take you off your base. Balance first, movement second. The same concept applies to building your physical stability through fitness training.

Commitment to Our Philosophy

While training you in the core principles of our philosophy, KES trainers commit to helping you condition your body so you can do the activities you love to do in life.

  1. We commit to being a partner, an ally, and a coach in your success.
  2. We welcome our clients at whatever age or physical state they present on arrival to our program. Our training is personalized and prioritized for each person.

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Our training will focus on:

  • Pulling the body out of pain
  • Increasing body awareness, body consciousness and mental discipline
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Restoring natural alignment and balance
  • Increasing core strength and coordination
  • Attaining a base level of general physical conditioning

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