What Is Restorative Fitness Training?

Restorative exercise is a type of physical training that helps people with chronic pain and injury. The focus is on restoring strength, flexibility, and balance back to a former healthy state.

Who Can Benefit from Restorative Exercise?

If you are over 50 or in need of recovery from life’s wear and tear on your body at any age, you can benefit from working with a restorative exercise specialist.

5 Reasons To Do Restorative Fitness Training

1. Quality of Life

Retaining a high quality of life for most people includes retaining your energy and ability to engage in the physical activities that bring you joy, no matter what your favorite activities are. With personal training support, you can stay fit enough to engage in sports you love or just continue to enjoy an active life with those around you.

2. Anatomical Planes & Imbalance

Personal trainers study anatomy in terms of planes to isolate muscle groups. Most people spend their life moving in a forward plane of motion. Planes explain why, when one muscle group is strengthened and another muscle group is unused in a repetitive motion, an imbalance of strength results. This imbalance causes limited range of motion. Beyond that, when the body is tight, muscles can pull on the spine and force it out of alignment, creating a bigger problem.

3. Your Behavior Changes Your Body

If you are excessively active or escessively sedentary, you probably have a muscle imbalance resulting from your body’s accommodation of your daily behavior. The way we typically sit or stand creates imbalances, and you could also have trauma to your joints.

4. Exercise Preferences

People usually prefer one type of exercise over another. If you focus your workout on just yoga or flexibility work, you’ll likely not be building the strength you need to stay strong. And if you do strength training without increasing flexibility, you’ll be setting your body up for limited range of motion or injury. Restorative fitness training addresses what’s missing in your training routine.

5. Alternative to Pain and Surgery

Many times, doctors recommend drugs or surgery for pain relief, but those old solutions aren’t the only effective solutions for many conditions. A restorative exercise trainer can often see where the problem is originating and help correct the painful condition. With noninvasive and nontoxic treatment, you may be able to avoid medications, surgery, and a lengthy rehabilitation usually associated with surgery.

A Practical Fitness Solution

Start your fitness journey with KES Fitness and let us identify where the imbalances are in your body. We can help you restore your body to fitness using our knowledge of exercise science and a practical approach to your training. Contact us here!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons by David Richfield and Mikael Häggström, M.D.