Health Concerns & Class Changes

UPDATE 3/11/20: All Group Classes Temporarily Suspended.

Hey, guys — Santa Clara Ave in SF just suspended all large gatherings, and Brent suspended his Sunday kickboxing class. I’m taking this very seriously as the coronavirus is highly contagious, more so than the common flu. I’m suspending our group classes for now.

Memberships Will Be Honored

I will work with people who are already members. Your current memberships will be honored.

No New Students in Any Classes For Now

I’m not accepting any new students to any classes currently until after the scare.

New Students in Individual Sessions Still Welcome

I will still be taking one on one clients, as long as they are committeed to following our “stay healthy” protocol.

Help Us All Stay Healthy

We are a small intimate school, and we must be accountable to keep each other healthy.

I’m counting on all of us to keep each other safe:

    1. Come in clean.
    2. Wash your hands frequently.
    3. If you’re sick, don’t come in.
    4. If you’re still going to concerts and large gatherings, please wait two weeks* before you return to KES.
    5. If you travel out of state or to an infected area, please wait two weeks* before you return to KES.
    6. If you travel on a plane or cruise, please wait two weeks* before you return to KES.

Note to Trainers on Health Concerns

If your clients travel out of the country they must wait two weeks* prior to returning to the gym. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you don’t think it’s that serious…

That’s fine and your choice. But as a facility owner, I must think about more than just myself. Many of my clients are in “special populations” that would be at risk. I am and must be taking this seriously, so please act accordingly. I will send you home if you are visibly ill.

* There is a 2-3 week incubation period where one can be sick and not show symptoms.

Cleaning Protocol Upped

It’s everyone’s responsibility to wipe down equipment after each use.

    1. Bleach spray — let it sit one minute then wipe.
    2. Spray with Myers and wipe to deactivate the bleach.
    3. If you are the last person using the mats for their evening and you have keys, you must clean them. I will go over all of the protocol on how to clean.

Trainers, if you are the only one here, and you are “not” going to mop the mats after use, don’t use them! I want all equipment left clean for the next users.

Thank You for Your Support

I know it is challenging to make these adjustments in your routine. But health concerns are important for a fitness/wellness facility, so we can all focus on our workouts feeling comfortable in the space. And actually, most of these changes are things we should do anyway. I need everyone’s help keep our space safe and clean.

For information on how to stay healthy, read Steps to Protect Yourself.

— Kewesi